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Our Oil Wax contains a combination of natural resins and waxes that together create a durable, water repellent, water-mark resistant finish and sealer.  Oil Wax will dry to a smooth satin finish or can be buffed to build up a higher shine.

Oil Wax is non – toxic, all natural and has low VOC’s!! Oil Wax dries to a hard finish that offers tons of protection!

Oil Wax can be applied once and its done – no need to reapply over time.  Oil Wax should be used over porous finishes such as milk paint or unfinished wood.  Our Oil Wax is perfect for tabletops to furniture and everything in between.

Oil Wax is an oil based product and is amber in color. Oil based products can sometimes yellow over time, especially with exposure to the sun.  This product has been tested over white milk paint and it has not yellowed the furniture as of yet, but the long term result is not available.  Use with caution over white paint.

Big Fat Lye and Little White Lye are a natural lye soap used for cleaning Waxine™ Wax Brushes. It does a great job breaking down the wax and keeping the natural bristles strong and resilient by conditioning them as it cleans.

Safe to use on any brush…and yourself! Get clean after a day of painting and waxing the natural way. You’ll LOVE it!

Sweet Pickins Extra – Bond is a water based polymer emulsion. When added to milk paint, it gives greater adhesion to non-porous surfaces or previously finished pieces.  Its environmentally safe, non toxic and VOC free.  Clean up is easy since its a water based product – just simple soap and water will do.

Basically – it is recommended that if you are going to be using milk paint over a piece that has been previously painted, has an old finish on it (polyurethane, shellac) or will be painting a non porous surface such as glass, metal, laminate – this is the product you use to give the paint better adhesion and keep the paint from peeling off.

Our “Better Than Cheesecloth”™ towels are just what they say they are! These are the best towels out there for wiping and buffing wax. If you need a lint-free towel, this is what you’ve been looking for. Cheesecloth is too soft and a little on the wimpy side. Terry towels are too rough (not to mention way too linty!). T-shirts are too smooth. Sheeting is too tightly woven. We have tried it all! You’ll love these towels. WASHABLE and REUSABLE too!

Our Waxine™ Wax Brush was specifically designed and sized for better comfort in a woman’s hand. Inspired by an old-fashioned shaving brush, with a shorter handle so that the brush fits into tight areas as well as a comfortable and ergonomically designed tapered lacquered handle for long-term comfort. It is the ideal size for cabinet doors, small furniture pieces, and mouldings.