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We are the owners of Oh Lola! Vintage Home. The home of Oh Lola! Paint ~ The Artisan Chalk.

It all began in the Spring of 2012 in McKinney, TX...What started out as a hobby bringing new life to our furnishings, has now evolved into your one stop destination for paints, waxes, and painting accessories. We bring to our customers a fresh new approach in refinishing, repurposing, and updating their home decor.

James and Yadi Franco are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl named Lola. She is a precocious eight year old who is the inspiration for our business name.  James is an engineer by trade who spends his spare time dumpster diving and looking for lost pieces to restore back to life.  Yadi is an attorney and an amateur photographer who loves to visit antique and vintage shops in search of that must have piece.

Try our paint... You will LOVE it!

Welcome to Oh Lola! Vintage Home

 Home of Oh Lola! Paint ~ The Artisan Chalk. We bring to our customers a fresh new approach to vintage furnishings, home décor, and much more. 

Our decorative paint line has a chalky matte finish and comes in a variety of  beautiful colors to choose from. It's eco-friendly, has zero VOC's, it's non-toxic, has no acrylic, and it's a solvent free paint! It's safe around the kiddos.

Beautifully covers your piece with one or two coats. It requires little to no prep work. No sanding or priming needed. To seal our pure chalk artisan paint just apply our super easy to use soft "Clear Wax" with a cloth and you are done! You can use our "Dark Wax" to antique your furniture.

Happy Painting!

Home of Oh Lola! Paint - The Artisan Chalk™

Oh Lola! Vintage Home

Yadi, Lola, & James

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